SpaceVision 2013 Conference

On-Site Registration will open by 3:00 PM on 11-07 in ISTB4

Tours will depart from ISDB4

SpaceVision is the largest student-organized space conference in the nation and is orchestrated by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) as the SEDS-USA annual national conference. SpaceVision is dedicated to facilitating networking between college students, professionals, and the public, and furthering the development of the organizations goals.

SEDS was founded in the early 1980's by Peter Diamandis. The group had a simple vision which continues to serve as its underlying guiding principle today: to unite students with enthusiasm for the exploration and eventual development of space. SEDS has a central national organization (SEDS-USA) whose elected members act as a coordinating body for over 30 chapters containing over 1200 students at various universities throughout the United States. Additionally other national organizations of SEDS exhist throughout the world, including UK-SEDS and SEDS India.

This conference is the largest and most publicized SEDS event. SpaceVision embodies SEDS ambition and professionalism. The SpaceVision committee seeks to raise the bar by hosting a wider variety of speakers, offering new conference events. and including non-SEDS members from colleges across the country. We hope to improve the SEDS organization by showing the world that space isn’t just for the engineers and astronauts anymore.