Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace through Space

We are excited to announce the first ever Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace Through Space. This scholarship will be awarded to one student who has demonstrated a passion for using space for peaceful benefits to humanity. Dr. Bob Richards is the co-Founder of SEDS, International Space University, Singularity University, Space Generation Foundation, Odyssey Moon Ltd., and Moon Express (for which he also serves as CEO).

Applicants should submit an essay detailing an effort they have already undertaken to this end as well as an initiative they wish to implement in the future promoting peace through space. There is no minimum or maximum for the essay, but around 500 words is recommended.

The first prize award includes: Total reward of $1500: $500 as a personal reward for something you've already done, $500 for supporting a new initiative that promotes peace through space, and $500 towards travel costs to attend SpaceVision 2014 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Presentation of the award at the SpaceVision banquet Seat at the Founders' Table at the SpaceVision 2014 banquet with Bob Richards and other honoraries

We will also select up to nine (9) runners-up who will receive a ticket to the SpaceVision 2014 banquet as well as a seat at the Founders' Table.

Applicants should submit their essays as well as their full name, address, university, and academic year to by October 15, 2014. Note that any student, regardless of citizenship or country of residence, is eligible for this award. University and non-traditional students (i.e. Thiel Fellows) are encouraged to apply. Please send any questions to Dan Pastuf, Executive Director of SEDS-USA, at