Code of Conduct

On behalf of SEDS-USA, we would like to welcome you to the SpaceVision 2020 virtual conference. As we work to enhance your connectivity with our community of corporate sponsors, industry leaders, and peers spanning SEDS chapters internationally, we ask that you retain open and respectful conversation. Diversity and inclusion ends when the conversation excludes anyone – including those belonging to unique ethnic, racial, sexual and/or gender orientation, disability, socioeconomic, and religious groups.

SEDS-USA condemns any action that closes conversation and harms an individual in any manner. 

Below, you will find a set of guidelines that we expect you to follow while at the SpaceVision 2020 virtual conference. These guidelines have been crafted for online communication and will help ensure that the conversation remains open for everyone. Failure to comply with these community guidelines may result in your removal from SpaceVision.

If you would like to open a Diversity and Inclusion conversation regarding the above guidelines, outreach/activities conducted by your chapter, moving forward as SEDS-USA, or any associated topic, please contact our Internal Diversity and Inclusion team manager below. 

Harper Cheyenne

Diversity & Inclusion Manager