SpaceVision 2021 Team

Meet the team behind this amazing experience!

Juan De La Garza


Brandon Khek


Juan De La Garza is a senior from Rice University pursuing Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a certificate in the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership. He is from Corpus Christi, Texas and his passion for aerospace lies in the innovation of propulsion systems. Juan aspires to play an integral role in advancing space exploration technology in order to learn more about humankind’s place among the stars.

Brandon Khek is a junior at Rice University studying astrophysics. From the D.C. metropolitan area, Brandon has always been interested in space and gave in to his gravitation toward the field further by joining SEDS. In his free time, Brandon likes to play tennis and chess as well as dance. As the co-chair for this year’s SpaceVision, he hopes to provide opportunities that allow for professional growth and persuade you that the space community is one anyone can be a part of. 

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