Forward to the Moon & Mars

Emma Lehnhardt

Program Planning and Control (PP&C) Manager, Gateway Program


Emma Lehnhardt is the Program Planning & Control Manager for NASA’s  Gateway Program, which is developing an outpost in orbit around the Moon. In this role Emma leads the team responsible for all the business operations of the Gateway Program (including budget, acquisition strategy and contracts management, schedules, cost estimating, information technology, and external engagement). Previously, she led the NASA-wide process of budget formulation at NASA Headquarters for the agency’s ~$20 billion per year budget. She has also worked at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, the Space Policy Institute, and consulted for government agencies and aerospace companies.  

Emma holds an MA in International Science and Technology Policy from The George Washington University, a BA in Politics (minor in Astronomy) from Mount Holyoke College, and attended the Space Studies Program of the International Space University.

Naia Butler-Craig

PhD Student/NASA Tech Fellow

Georgia Institute of Technology

Naia Butler-Craig is an Aerospace Engineering PhD Student, NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellow (NSTGRO formerly NSTRF), and GEM Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a member of GTs High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab (HPEPL). She obtained her B.S in Aerospace Engineering with special concentration in Astronautics and a minor in Computational Mathematics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She is also a NASA Pathways intern in the Science and Space Technology Systems branch at Glenn Research Center.

During her academic career, Naia has had the opportunity to gain invaluable research experience as a McNair scholar, undergraduate research assistant, NASA student, GEM Fellow with Los Alamos National Laboratories, and now, as a Graduate student member of HPEPL at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her experience thus far has been in sub-kilowatt electric propulsion, hollow cathodes, spacecraft test and development, kinetic simulations, and astrophysics.

She is involved in a variety of professional, philanthropic and developmental extra-curricular activities on and off campus. She has served in multiple capacities, including on the regional board, in the National Society of Black Engineers. She founded both the dance club (Embry-Riddle Dancing Eagles) and the ERAU chapter of the Society of Women in Space Exploration (SWISE) at Embry-Riddle. And finally, she volunteered in Dreams Soar Inc. working as their STEM Programs Lead, and community outreach analyst. She has been a speaker at various STEM outreach events as well as technical speaker at academic conferences.

Her ultimate goal is to become a mission specialist astronaut and participate and contribute to deep space exploration.

Dr. Tanya Harrison

Planetary Scientist, Science Communicator, & Consultant


Dr. Tanya Harrison calls herself a “professional martian.” She has spent the last decade working as a scientist and in mission operations on multiple NASA Mars missions, including the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. Her specialty lies in geomorphology: the study of a planet’s evolution based on its surface features. Before Mars however, Tanya had her head in the stars as an astronomer studying the metal content of star clusters and recurring novae systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Western Ontario, a Masters in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University, and a B.Sc. in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Washington. Currently she is the Manager of Science Programs at Planet Federal, the federal arm of Planet Labs. Tanya is also an advocate for advancing the status of women in science and for accessibility in the geosciences. You can find her prolifically tweeting about the Red Planet as @tanyaofmars.

Rachael McKee

Business Development Analyst

Lockheed Martin Space

Rachael McKee serves as a Business Development Analyst for Human Space Exploration with Lockheed Martin’s Commercial Civil Space Line of Business. In this role, Rachael supports leadership by developing and advising on strategy within the human spaceflight market. She contributes to developing and growing business in cis-lunar space including human landers, secondary payload services, cis-lunar infrastructure like communications power, data storage and processing, as well as developing strategy to enable a water-based economy within space.

Previously, Rachael worked at the Airline Pilots Association under the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship where she supported federal advisory board meetings and developed a keen sense for economic analyses. After this experience, she worked at Bryce Space and Technology as their first Business Development Intern where her keen sense for analyses played an important role in updating their Start-up Space Report in 2017 as well as developing strategic business analysis tools for the company. In additional to interning, she also served as an At-Large Board Member for the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space where she represented over 80 chapters across the country and over 15 chapter across the world.

Rachael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science with a concentration in Operations from Metropolitan State University of Denver.