Space Architecture

Anastasia Prosina

Space Architect, Founder & CEO

Stellar Amenities

Anastasia Prosina is an award-winning aspirational futurist and practitioner in Space Architecture, the nascent field of helping people thrive in small spaces in space. She is the Founder & CEO at Stellar Amenities, a company with the mission of complementing space habitats with lightweight, deployable & reconfigurable elements to support wellbeing in space.

Anastasia has been involved in numerous space projects, from designing lightweight interior habitation structures for the TESSERAE self-assembling space station at MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative to working on an Iceland-based Martian Analog Habitat commissioned by Mars Society. Her other places of work include aerospace company Excalibur Almaz, 4th Planet Logistics, and Galaktika Space.

Anastasia holds a Masters in Space Architecture from Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture in proximity and collaboration of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. Anastasia received a Bachelor’s in Urban Design from Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design, and Art, Russia.

Vera Mulyani

CEO & Founder

Mars City Design

Vera Mulyani is the CEO & Founder of Mars City Design, the original platform for designing the blueprint for cities on Mars. Mars City Design aggregates genius technologies from cross disciplinary fields to build the prototypes of Martian eco-system and urban infrastructure in the California desert, as a test demo for the Moon and Mars settlement.

Mulyani is an innovative entrepreneur and visionary leader, with multidisciplinary skills in the human centered design and science. Mulyani’s concept of urbanism on Mars advocates the holistic approach of self-sustaining and thriving lifestyle, practicing the symbiotic trust between human environments and nature. Mulyani is also the President of Mars City Foundation (501c3).

Mulyani has developed a distinct concept of Recycling Cities, which consisted of transforming damaged areas, former industrial and cosmopolitan into self-sustaining Green Zones, (ex. Ruhr, Germany) to better integrate a natural environment into human living space.

Grant Anderson


Paragon Space Development Corp.

Mr. Anderson co-founded Paragon in 1993. From the time of inception of the company until fall 2014, he was  the VP of Engineering and Chief Engineer of the company and was responsible for the design and  implementation of not only many of Paragon’s technical achievements, but also its processes of engineering  rigor in a stepped approach of requirements, design, build, test and delivery. This process has been cited by  many customers as unique, disciplined and highly productive. Coming from a background of not only technical  but financial and managerial training, he has held diverse positions at Paragon including Treasurer/Secretary,  CFO, Sr. VP of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Manufacturing. 

Recognized as a leader in the life support in extreme environments field, Mr. Anderson has led the systems and  conceptual design of multiple spacecraft under contract to Lockheed Martin, NASA, Inspiration Mars Foundation  and others. He holds multiple patents in a diverse range of disciplines including testing systems, isolation  systems, radiator systems and overall systems design. He has led development and qualification of experimental  flight hardware for five shuttle flights, two Mir missions, a Russian Progress, and the first commercial payload on  ISS. Prior to starting Paragon, Mr. Anderson was the Chief Design Engineer for the International Space Station  Solar Array Program–the largest solar arrays ever built–while employed at Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA. 

Mr. Anderson holds two degrees from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) and Aeronautical  and Astronautical Engineering (M.S.) and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of California. His  diverse education/training included non-technical roles such as Controller for a Palo Alto, CA real estate firm  during college where he implemented some of the first computers into the company’s financial systems to track  and monitor property financial performance. Working at an aviation consultancy, he participated in the start-up  of two airlines through route analysis, equipment analysis and strategy advice. One went on to be America West,  now part of American Airlines. Mr. Anderson is also a graduate of the International Space University 1991  summer session with emphasis on space business and management. 

Mr. Anderson’s passion for excellence drives him to support the next generation of engineers and leaders  through participation in educational work outside of Paragon. A former Treasurer and member of the board of  Trustees of the Tucson Waldorf School, he led the financial growth of that entity from a small struggling school  to a robust, diverse and thriving school today. Mr. Anderson also oversees a non-profit tuition scholarship  organization which provides approximately $250,000 of scholarships to deserving children throughout southern  Arizona. He is also on the Industry Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona 

In his spare time, Mr. Anderson is an avid bicyclist and is known to ride solo for hundreds of miles to clear his  mind.