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Bianca Cefalo

Director of International Business Development

Carbice Corporation

Bianca Cefalo is the Director of International Business Development at Atlanta-based Tech Startup Carbice Corporation. She is a former Space Systems Thermal Product Manager at Airbus Defence and Space UK, leading thermal disruptive innovation roadmaps for Next Gen Telecommunication Spacecraft. Graduated in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering at the University ‘Federico II’ of Naples, Italy.

Bianca has spent nearly a decade between Berlin and London, driving space thermal products’ development and contributing to the delivery of multiple commercial science missions and Telecommunication Satellites sponsored by NASA, ESA, DLR, UKSA and EU – including the HP3 instrument on the NASA/JPL InSight Mars Mission.

STEM Ambassador, Space Communicator & Educational Consultant, Youths Mentor and Public Speaker – in July ’20 Bianca founded Cosmica Space Consulting LTd, actively pursuing her mission to inspire and empower the next generation of fierce female leaders in Engineering and beyond.  

Bianca also serves as committee member of the Women’s Engineering Society London Cluster, member of the OpenExo Community, and Non-Resident Fellow at UAE-based TRENDS Research & Advisory. 

Austin Jordan

Communications Director

Made In Space

Austin Jordan is the Communications Director at Made In Space, Inc. (MIS); joining the company in 2019. Bringing extensive content marketing expertise, he oversees the company’s global marketing, communications, and brand strategy.

In this positions, Mr. Jordan is responsible for leading the company’s external and internal communications activities, including media relations and brand development. He is also responsible for Made In Space’s community outreach efforts.

Prior to joining Made In Space, Jordan led digital strategy for the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory (ISSNL), where he was responsible for brand development and content marketing strategy. 

Jordan is also a passionate supporter of STEM outreach and has worked closely as a speaker, ambassador and mentor with organizations serving underrepresented communities to share the excitement of space technology with new audiences. 

Jordan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Writing and News Media from the University of South Florida.

Dr. Nehemiah Mabry



Dr. Nehemiah J. Mabry, P.E. is a Structural Engineer, STEM Educator and Entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His experience includes over 8 years of research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and currently works as a Bridge Design Engineer at Simpson Engineers & Associates. As a PhD student at NC State University, he founded STEMedia Incorporated in 2012. STEMedia is a media company that provides inspirational and educational creative content for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) community. Since its inception, Dr. Mabry has won national awards, engaged thousands through public speaking and lectures, and partnered with several organizations, businesses and academic institutions in STEM outreach.

Jeff Foust

Senior Staff Writer


Jeff Foust is a senior staff writer for SpaceNews, joining the publication of 2014. He covers civil and commercial space topics, ranging from NASA programs to developments in the entrepreneurial NewSpace field. He has more than a decade of experience writing about space policy, commercial space, and related topics. In 2003, he started The Space Review, a weekly publication of longform articles and commentary on a wide range of space topics that continues to operate to this day. 

He earned a Ph.D. in planetary sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999 and a B.S. with honors in geophysics and planetary science from the California Institute of Technology in 1993. He received the Pres Award from the National Space Club and Foundation in 2018. He was a member of both Caltech SEDS (1989-93) and MITSEDS (1993-99) and served for several years on the SEDS-USA board, including as co-chair and 1992-93.

Marco Romero

Space System Engineer (Ballistic Specialist), Angolan Space Program

Developer, NewSpace Angola

Impplementor, Angola Space Program Space Education and Outreach Program

Marco Romero is a Ballistic and Navigation Satellite Specialist at the Angolan Space Program. Marco started his career in the Angolan National Air Force as an Aeronautical Engineer and is the National Point of Contact of Space Generation Advisory Council for Angola and the National Outreach Coordinator of the International Astronomical Union Office for Astronomy Outreach/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Open Cosmos Academy ambassador for the outreach and Space Mission Design and ISS Education Ambassador.

Marco is also an Advanced Master in Space System Engineer from ISAE Supaero and integrated the European Space Agency Master of Science, Post-Graduation on Human and Robotic Space Exploration and Development Systems (SEEDS) Program. In parallel with the operation space activates he supported development of a Space Education and Outreach Program in Angola that was expanded through Africa through videos and comic books, Pico Satellites Educational programs for the Universities, STEAM and Capacity building programs for Angola and Africa in general where we can highlight the 3 editions of the Space Education Comic Book “Kids and Satellites” and the development of the 70 member community of NewSpace Angolan Startups and space enthusiasts as well as the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (mentoring some students dissertations on radio astronomy, nano-satellite developing, steam space IoT, space robotics, space apps and services, analog sites, and other space related topics). 

Marco is currently working at Airbus Defense (at the Airbus Space Academy), studying the utility of small satellites for capacity building specifically studying “the path from CanSat to Space System Engineering in Africa”. Complementary to this internship started an observation Mission at the French Aerospace Valley to explore NanoStar, UFO, Gallatea European programs learn and develop a strategy to implement a Sustainable NewSpace Ecosystem in Africa countries regardless of their space development stage.

In the last 4 years, Marco developed and consolidated 6 startups that have representation and participations in the development of the Aerospace Sector in Africa: NjiLAB – an Aeronautics startup focused on UAV manufacturing, applications and services; Autonação and Kandengues Cientistas – two startups working with Space STEAM Education and development of hardware and software solutions; HUMBITEC for Science and Technologies Application Systems for Sustainable Development; BomComix and MAC Studio working on multimedia and Arts and Entertainment.

In his spare time, he has dedicated himself to building High Power rockets to prepare for his Level 1 certification, meanwhile worked with Open Space Maker Federation on the Ad Astra project which the goal is to develop a family of consumable/partially reusable launchers capable of initially sending payloads of mass greater than 3kg in LEO orbit. Patreon of the BPS – Rocket Science Supported development of model rocketry components, aimed at closely matching the pace of advancement in the space-launch industry.

Marco was member of the Rocket Section of the ISAE SUPAERO as part of the Project “Dream On”. His love for heights made him a Glider Pilot, Microdrone MD4-200 UAV Pilot and as Skydiver. At university, he was the system engineer of the ToloSet Project – a 100% student nanosatellite project of the CubeCat Club of ISAE Supaero in association ASTRE from Toulouse built for Iridium relay and gravimetry Mission. In 2019, he created the Angolan Robotic National Competition to spread the practice of robotics, thus promoting science and technology at a national level, deconstructing, and simplifying the thinking of those who still look at these matters as scientific fiction.