Scholarships with Impact

THANK YOU to the sponsors who provided students with the opportunity to experience SpaceVision 2022! Read on to learn about each sponsor and the many students awarded scholarships.

Starfield is providing TWENTY-TWO SpaceVision scholarships for students from Minority Serving Institutions and underrepresented backgrounds. Through Starfield’s generosity, promising individuals belonging to the next generation of space are recognized and empowered to keep looking to and exploring the stars.

Sumandeep Kaur


Sumandeep Kaur

“I would like to extend my gratitude to SEDS-USA for making the trip possible by providing sponsorship…It definitely serves as a motivation for me to inspire other students around me to pursue their dream career as well as provide them a platform through SEDS IUPUI to take part in projects [and] competition in space related fields.”

Note: Sumandeep won the 2022 Todd B. Hawley award for excellence in student leadership.


Western Michigan University (WALI SEDS)

Larissa McKenzie

“SpaceVision 2022 has given me an opportunity to share my interest in space with other students in a welcoming, inclusive environment. Being a gender minority in the aerospace engineering sector is daunting,but having a community of like-minded individuals that share the same interests and motivation as me is nothing short of amazing.”

Note: Larissa and team won third place in the Research Symposium competition.


Rose-Hulman SEDS

4 Students Received Scholarships

“SEDS was an opportunity for us to engage with chapters, industry professionals, and experienced scientists. As [our] first time going, it was fantastic to see all that SEDS offers and be able to take advantage of it…Our chapter is planning on attending again next year with a new group of students ready to be inspired and pushed into the next phase of their lives!”

Note: The Rose-Hulman SEDS chapter won 2nd place in the Business Pitch Competition

Texas A&M

Texas A&M University (TAMU SEDS)

3 Students Received Scholarships

“I cannot express how thrilled we are to have received this sponsorship for the conference! The generosity that SEDS-USA and their respective donors have shown to our chapter is unfathomable, and we truly want to express our thankfulness and gratitude for having received such an honor. This sponsorship will allow us to focus solely on what we enjoy most – our passion for spaceflight and sharing it with others. For that we are incredibly grateful.”

Note: The TAMU SEDS chapter won the 2022 Gender Diversity Chapter Award. 

Central Michigan Chapter

Central Michigan University (CMU SEDS)

3 Students Received Scholarships

“If I learned anything from the panelist and speakers, it would on the odyssey to success, invigorate on the fact of failure…When you grow from failure, you can explain your road to achievement to the next generation as a since motivation, and after leaving SpaceVision, I will take the road of failure and bloom.” – Ameer Hicks

Joanna Feaster

Duke University

Joanna Feaster

“SEDS SpaceVision 2022 was an amazing experience!…This type of immersion is so unique and really opened my eyes to a lot of the unique fields involved in the space industry from geology, policies, business, and medicine. I’m so grateful Starfield helped make my visit possible!”

Texas State Chapter

Texas State University

4 Students Received Scholarships

“Overall, I believe my experience at SpaceVision this year was a beneficial and successful experience…As the president of the Society for Space Exploration I am so grateful that we were awarded the SEDS sponsorship and that all the members that attended were able to experience SpaceVision without having to worry too much about finances since we travelled all the way from Texas.”

An Li

University of Washington

An Li

“I want to send a huge thank you to Starfield because through their sponsorship, I was able to attend SpaceVision for the first time. I have never been surrounded by so many people excited about space exploration, and I found myself constantly being inspired by…the students attending the conference.”

Duke Chapter

Duke University

4 Students Received Scholarships

“Thank you so much for the selection for the sponsorship! This allows our members to focus heavily on the conference rather than worrying about finances!”

Future Space Leaders Foundation

Future Space Leaders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the career development of young space and satellite professionals. The Foundation organizes events and raises funds for grants to deserving graduate students and young professionals.


Iowa State University

Sadiya Ahmad

“Perhaps the most exciting part of the conference for me was having the opportunity for a one-to-one conversation with Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, a role model of mine and the first woman to work as an engineer on NASA’s Apollo program. I will never forget the experience of having a conversation with Poppy about the technicalities of the Apollo Eight mission over dinner…As a graduate student living on a research stipend, my travel to the SpaceVision conference would not have been possible without the generous support of my sponsor Future Space Leaders. I am truly thankful to Future Space Leaders for providing me with this opportunity.”

Rose Jardine

Portland State University

Rose Jardine

“SpaceVision 2022 and SEDS have been one of the most formative experiences of my undergraduate studies as I explore what’s next in my adventure to find my place in space. A big thank you to the Future Space Leaders Foundation for the sponsorship to attend this year, y’all truly have made a difference in advancing my future as a student with a disability.”

Eashan Sarkar

University of Southern California

Eashan Sarkar

“I am in the Air Force ROTC program and my goal is to commission into the Space Force working in mission control in the Office of Space Launch near Vandenberg or Cape Canaveral. Without my sponsor, the Future Space Leaders Foundation, I would not have been able to hear Alvin Drew’s journey between being him at the US Air Force Academy as a physics genius, and to becoming an astronaut. It was also nice hearing “Poppy’s” journey into mission control in the Apollo 8 mission and hope that my sister and future women of our generation become inspired to not only go into male dominated engineering, but to also strive for social change when it may be tough to do so given current situations.”

The Space Frontier Foundation is a space advocacy nonprofit dedicated to a freer and more prosperous life for all humankind.

Arizona State University Chapter

“I had the opportunity to connect with veterans in the field, future potential employers and colleagues. As someone who grew up in a country where there is nearly no exposure to scientific research, getting to know people who do it as an everyday job gave me hope”-Isabella Cuellar

University of Central Florida

Micah Iversen