Purdue University

Nestled next to a river separating West Lafayette from Lafayette, Purdue University is a powerhouse, Midwestern research institution with deep connections to the space industry. With 23 astronaut alumni, including the first and latest human to step foot on the moon, it has been bestowed with the nickname, "Cradle-of-Astronauts". Purdue's renowned professors, alumni, corporate partners and state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories will provide the perfect surroundings to explore the theme of "Next Steps".

Union Club Hotel

The Union Club Hotel is part of Purdue University's historic Memorial Union. The hotel is attached to the union allowing for convenient access to the shops, restaurants, and banquet hall. Just steps away from the hotel lobby is a bowling alley, a billiards room, and an oldfashioned diner! The hotel is also immediately adjacent to the Stewart Center and Fowler Hall, where the majority of the conference programming will be held. Directions for booking rooms for SpaceVision will be available soon.

Armstrong Atrium

The Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, named after Purdue alumnus and first human on the moon, is an incredible building home to Purdue's aerospace and materials engineering disciplines. SpaceVision 2016's Thursday evening reception will be held in the atrium of Armstrong Hall, with a replica Apollo 1 capsule and X-20 hanging above.

Stewart Center and Fowler Hall

Located immediately adjacent to the Union Club Hotel, the Stewart Center will host most most of the conference programming. With rooms ranging in size from small conference rooms, to the grand Fowler hall which seats over 400, the Stewart Center will be the perfect backdrop for the learning, discussions, and networking that will take place throughout the conference.

Zucrow Propulsion Labratories

The Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratory hosts some of the most advanced high pressure propulsion labs in the nation and has been a renowned research lab since its inception in the 1950s. Recently the lab was given $8.3 million to update its facilities and add 5 new test stands as well as additional labs and supporting infrastructure. If interested, SpaceVision attendees will have the opportunity to visit and tour Zucrow labs and speak with the professors and graduate students researching there. More info and tour sign ups to come!

Campus Map