SpaceVision 2016. Next Steps.

Join hundreds of passionate young professionals and students for the annual national conference of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. The conference is run and organized entirely by students, and will run November 3rd through November 5th, 2016. SpaceVision 2016 will be held at Purdue University's Fowler Hall in West Lafayette, IN.

Experience our interdisciplinary approach to the future of space development and witness our commitment to student leadership in aerospace and STEM fields.

Purdue University is a major research institution known for discoveries in science, technology, engineering, and more.

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Who Loves SpaceVision?

"In my opinion, SpaceVision is the best place for the next generation of space leaders to connect with each other and with the leaders of today. It's also a best chance for companies to find rising superstars that will make fantastic employees. The students who participate in SpaceVision are a self-selected bunch who are extraordinary not only for their passion for space exploration but also for their ability to take action; they are exactly the kind of people we like to hire."

- Will Pomerantz | Vice President for Special Projects, Virgin Galactic
Student Group at SpaceVision 2014
SpaceVIsion is the largest student-run space conference in the US, and attracts hundreds of dedicated students every year.

SpaceVision Highlights

University of Wisconsin-Madison SEDS at SpaceVision 2014
Aaron Olson
Aaron Olson shares his vision of Helium-3 mining from lunar regolith at SpaceVision 2014.
Brad Cheetham
There's money in Commercial Space, and SEDS Member Brad Cheetham knows where to find it!

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